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Logitech Adds New Portable Speakers

Computer accessories maker Logitech today said they would be introducing some new speaker systems designed for digital audio players. The mm50, which specifically targets iPods, will be available in September for $149.99, while the more generic mm28 portable speakers will be out around the same time for $79.99.

The mm50 portable speakers come with a dock connector which will recharge the iPod’s battery when the device is plugged into an AC adapter. The speakers themselves come with a rechargeable battery which will put out up to 10 hours of audio between charges. Other features include a wireless remote control, high end audio drivers and enhanced stereo sound.

The mm28 model meanwhile is ultra thin at less than 1.25 inches. They use flat panel stereo technology to, among other things, enhance the bass performance. An integrated speaker cover rotates to become the speaker’s foot. The speakers can be powered by an AC adapter or for up to 45 hours on four AA batteries.

“Many people want to share their digital music with friends, or listen to tunes out loud,” said Ray Weikel, director of product marketing for Logitech’s Audio Business Unit. “And, to do this, they want portable speakers that are easy to transport, include high-end features, and most importantly, deliver rich, clean sound. Logitech’s two new portable speakers — the mm50 and mm28 — will be a welcome addition to the portable speaker lineup.”  

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