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MorpHex robot can seamlessly transform from unassuming sphere to walking hexapod


Let’s face it, robots are awesome. We, as a society, and perhaps even more broadly, as a species have had a fascination for our eventual robotic overlords dating to as far back as ancient China, Greece, and ancient Egypt. All of which are recorded to have attempted to build self-operating machines, some resembling animals as well as humans. It would appear that this tradition has not been lost on modern society, as Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen has designed and created his very own robot.

The MorpHex is indeed an impressive little robot that can transform from a simple globe seamlessly into a crab-like walking hexapod. It can interact with its environment and when finished retract to its spherical base form. It features a very simple, yet elegant design in its own right and once you check out the video below you’ll also appreciate just how cool it all looks once it begins to transform and move .

For a more detailed look, you can also check out how the MorpHex was built step by step.

[Via: Robots Dreams]

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