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Move over Coolest Cooler: Krewser is an ice chest you can drive around

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The Coolest Cooler might hold the title for the most-funded kickstarter project of all time, and probably isn’t going to lose its status anytime soon, but there’s a new cooler on the crowdfunding scene that might just give it a run for its money.

It’s called Krewser, and rather than sporting an integrated blender and Bluetooth speaker dock, this badboy happens to sit on top of a fully-functional electric tricycle. Why? Because lugging around a cooler full of beer and half-melted ice cubes is arguably one of most unenjoyable activities a person can engage in. Conversely though, riding around on your cooler like it’s a booze-laden bigwheel sounds like it’d instantaneously fill you with childlike joy. Hell, most of us already use coolers like seats anyway, so why not put some motorized wheels on one of ’em and transform it into a rideable refrigerator? This is pure brilliance.

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In addition to a 500W brushless electric hub motor that can zip this thing around at 18 mph, the cooler on top is equipped with integrated Bluetooth speakers so you can blast your tunes as you zoom around the tailgate party. You’ll have to pay extra for that functionality though. Right now on Kickstarter, the most basic model will put you back about $650, but you’ll have to dish out an extra $400 for the tricked-out version with two 6.5-inch speakers built in.

If the creators can manage to raise the $90K they’re hoping for and the Kickstarter project ends up being a success, just think of what this contraption could do for the ice cream delivery business. With Krewser, aspiring ice cream truck drivers wouldn’t need to drop fat stacks on a creepy refrigerated van with a kooky paint job. Instead, they could just lay down about seven hundo on a Krewser trike, load up on ChocoTacos and Rocket Pops with all the money they saved, and then cruise to the nearest cul-de-sac to start raking in cash.

The project is still a long way from meeting its funding goal, but it’s still got well over a month to make it happen. To learn more, you can check out their Kickstarter page to get further details on specs, options, and backer rewards.

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