MSI MEGA Player 515 MP3 Player Review

Quote from the review at Designtechnica:

“The Mega Player 515 really is a diamond in the rough as it is clear that this one of the first MP3 player lines that MSI has manufactured. The engineering creativity of the Mega Player 515 is top-notch with the OLED display and integrated lithium-ion battery, so it would seem that MSI set out to create something different and unique.

The lack of music format support and advanced features will be a major disappointment for the hardcore user and we hope that MSI takes some more time to beta test future MP3 players before bringing them to market.

But as it stands, the Mega Player 515 is a better-than-average player that will sound great with the right set of headphones. As of this review, we couldn’t find any retail stores that actually carry the Mega Player 515 and we hope that MSI pushes to get better distribution and exposure of the Mega Player 515, because it really deserves a great amount of attention.

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