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Newest WinDVD Supports Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

“WinDVD is the world’s most popular software solution for watching DVDs on a PC and MediaOne seamlessly combines our best products in a powerful, all-in-one suite,” said Steve Ro, InterVideo President and CEO. “The addition of HD DVD and BDAV playback in WinDVD and BD recording in MediaOne place these two products squarely at the forefront of solutions for OEM customers in need of next-generation home creativity and entertainment solutions.”

InterVideo’s MediaOne software suite combines nine different multimedia solutions in one stand alone package. There is no word on when the new software will be available, but we expect sometime this fall.

In related news, Toshiba and Sony still have not decided on which format to use for next-generation DVD’s, with neither company giving any ground to the other. Last Thursday, Toshiba officially told reporters they would be moving forward with their HD-DVD format and that we could expect movies later in the year. Sony’s new Playstation 3 gaming system which is due out in early 2006 will support the Blu-Ray disc format. Sony has already begun production of their Blu-Ray discs.

So what do you do if you are a company like InterVideo? You release software that will play both! Smart move.

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