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Don’t judge this yacht by its exterior — the inside rivals a luxury home

Some people think the Ocean Emerald looks like a floating hospital. Others are drawn to the industrial exterior and luxurious but livable interior spaces on the 41 meter (135 foot) superyacht,  according to Boat International.

The Ocean Emerald was built in Italy in 2009 by Rodriquez Yachts, a company since acquired by International SPA. The exterior and interior were designed by London-based architect Lord Norman Foster of Foster and Partners. The yacht’s 28-foot beam affords an owner’s suite that extends from side to side. The suite has a centerline king-size bed, a 60-inch television, ocean-view sofas, en-suite bathroom, and two private terraces. There are four additional staterooms for up to 10 guests plus quarters for the crew of eight, which includes the owner.

The Ocean Emerald is based in Thailand and is one of only a few superyachts available for charter. The owner, Nigel Plaskett, was a successful British manufacturer who sold his company three years ago. Plaskett has a home in Thailand but has his office on the yacht and always stays on board when the Ocean Emerald is chartered, usually 8 to 12 weeks a year.

Two 1,400 horsepower diesel engines have a range of up to 2,800 nautical miles with 6,868 gallons of fuel at a 14-knot cruising speed. Maximum speed is 18 knots, so if you want to water ski or wakeboard, you’ll have to be pulled by one of several watercraft stored in the garage.

Toys abound on the Ocean Emerald. A side-loading garage opens to store a 49-foot tender, two jet skis, and an 18-foot 4-passenger jet boat. No one will be left out if they are seeking fun in, on, or by the water because the yacht is also equipped with kayaks, a paddle board, towable inflatables, water skis, a wakeboard, four full sets of diving equipment, 12 sets of snorkeling gear, and fishing equipment.

Amenities on board include air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, a deck Jacuzzi, exercise equipment, and stabilizers for passenger comfort at anchor and underway.

Ocean Emerald is available for charter for $94,000 a week plus expenses. If you’re interested in renting, be sure to check with the broker handling the charter to learn exactly what “plus expenses” means, as it can vary widely in different parts of the world and with the type of charter contract offered. If, for example, “all expenses” includes all food, fuel, and anything else used during the charter, the total can easily add up to 25 to 50 percent of the base charter fee. In other cases, three meals and fuel for 3 to 4 hours of cruising a day are included in the base fee.

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