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Philips launches new A/V portable products

With the new range of products they can take pictures on the move, they can create audio mixes and they can create music and all of it can be enjoyed and shared with others.

“Young people want to create, share and enjoy content whenever they want”, says Frank Pauli, Vice President Marketing and Business Development Europe. “Philips is a leading player in the market for portable products, enabling young people to do their thing whenever they want. Our new innovative products address these requirements”.

Among the products range is a new KEY RING range for wearable music around the neck or memorable moments captured in the ring for ultimate portability. Philips is ingeniously combining audio or camera functions with data storage capabilities, in its new KEY RING range, making it the perfect mobile companion. Philips is also introducing the HDD100 Recording Audio Jukebox, which features a direct recording function. This new portable hard disc device enables consumers to have thousands of songs available on demand to suit any mood, situation or activity.

Philips is also introducing several other exciting portable devices with audio functionalities:

  • The Philips ToUcam MAX portable PC cameras combine not only webcam and digital still camera functions, but which are also carry-around media, to record, store and share memories and experiences wherever you are.
  • Thanks to the new Noise Reduction headphone from Philips there’s no more interference to music enjoyment from disturbing ambient noise. That means users can benefit from undisturbed listening outdoors and in busy public places, and commuters can enjoy their favourite music while travelling on noisy underground trains
  • The new Interactive Gaming Headphone from Philips, the HG100 has been developed specially for gaming enthusiasts who want to feel all the action, excitement and involvement of their favourite games. The HG100 brings them the full power of a realistic and involving gaming experience, and also allows them to interact with other players.
  • The AX7201, a super-slim and ultra-light portable CD player with excellent sound quality. This is one of the most compact CD players available, with a thickness of just 14 mm. The use of a magnesium alloy means an improvement in strength and durability.

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