PumPing Tap pulls the plug on unwanted “vampire” energy


It isn’t always easy going green or doing the things we need to do to conserve energy, so any help received is much appreciated in our book. So it was with great pleasure when we stumbled upon this nifty little energy-saving socket called the PumpPing Tap.

Designed to reduce “vampire energy” (energy that is slowly being consumed or “sucked” from your electric appliances while on standby) the PumPing Tap literally pulls the plug — or pops the plug really — on wasted electricity and helps reduce your energy bill in the process.

The way it works is pretty simple, when you are done with an appliance or device that is plugged in via the PumPing — and that device has the power on switched to off — a ring of light appears on the socket and a timer starts. After ten minutes of inactivity, the socket automatically ejects the plug; eliminating unwanted energy consumption.


Unfortunately, the PumPing Tap is still a concept – having just been awarded an international Red Dot Design Concept prize – so no word yet on when or if the tap will make it to mass production. And while we see some potential issues with its design, for example: how would the device work when power outlets are obstructed by a piece of furniture or other appliance? We certainly have taken a liking to what the power socket ejector is trying to do — save money and energy – and surely that is something we can all appreciate. 

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