Robot fail: Android cusses at two BBC presenters live on air

The old showbiz quote “never work with children or animals” needs updating.

After just having seen an android drop the f-bomb live on the BBC’s nationwide breakfast show, it’s time we added robots to the list.

In a shocking moment that will’ve had early risers across the U.K. choking on their Rice Krispies, a robot called Linda appeared to say “f**k you” to two presenters live on air.

Linda had been in the TV studio for the entire show as part of the BBC’s special week-long look at artificial intelligence.

Turning to Linda at the end of the show, presenters Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin warmly thanked the robot for her contribution. However, Linda’s response could be best described as unexpected.

“F**k you Charlie, f**k you Louise,” she seemed to reply. A stunned Stayt said flatly, “Yes, OK Linda. Back in your box.”

Although Linda was apparently saying “thank you” and not “f**k you,” it clearly sounded like the latter.

Stayt doesn’t appear to have much luck when it comes to robots. In another unfortunate incident, this one back in March, the BBC anchor managed to crash a virtual presence robot he was controlling. You can check it out below.