Roku SoundBridge M2000 Review

Quote from the review:

“How many CDs do you own and how many of those do you ever get to play? If your collection is as large as mine, rummaging through hundreds of CDs can be frustrating and time consuming. I have even bought some of the same CDs I already own. I almost forgot gems like Medusa by Clan of Xymox, Mouth By Mouth by His Name is Alive, Spiritchaser by Dead Can Dance, and Bad Brains Live. Unfortunately, I have been neglecting my treasures for too long. Now with free iTunes and the Roku SoundBridge, I have complete access to my music collection anywhere in my house.

The SoundBridge connects directly into your stereo system or receiver just like a CD player. It receives/plays music from your computer through a wireless connection or via Ethernet cable. I had already copied hundreds of my CDs to my Mac, using Apple’s lossless format. I also had been using iTunes for about two years, mainly to listen to Internet radio, and some CDs imported to the AIFF format. Now with the SoundBridge I can listen to all of my music without having to be at my computer. “

Look for a review of the Roku SoundBridge here on Designtechnica in a couple weeks.

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