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Samsung’s remarkable ‘sliding seat’ lets sports fans keep up with the action

samsung slider
Now here’s a set of seats we’d like to see installed at all major sports stadiums.

Aptly named the Slider, Samsung’s movable seats race up and down the field, staying with the action from start to finish.

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And yes, this remarkable contraption actually exists, with the tech company offering places on it at upcoming rugby games taking place later this month at London’s Twickenham Stadium.

Thirty rides are available for a number of international “rugby sevens” games, a seven-a-side version of the sport played over two seven-minute halves.

Featuring a “revolutionary aluminum technological design,” Samsung’s specially designed sliding bench will be fitted onto a track that runs the entire 100-meter length of Twickenham’s playing field, giving four lucky fans the chance to stay close to the action throughout the entire game. And with a top speed of 20 mph, they should be in for quite a ride.

But we can’t help wondering – if the game is particularly keenly fought, and the action bounces endlessly from end to end, it could leave those with a sensitive stomach feeling a little queasy before long. And forget taking a drink with you, unless you’re cool with seeing half of it slosh down your front. Or over your neighbor.

Samsung has launched a prize draw to give away the tickets. If you’re a U.K. resident and recently bought a Samsung TV, 360 speaker, or soundbar – and you like rugby – put your name down here before May 14.

The two-day Sevens World Series tournament, which features 19 international teams, kicks off on May 21. Last season’s event was won by the U.S. after it defeated Australia in the final.

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