Sandisk Shows Off New Sansa Speaker Dock

In addition to the Sansa Car Transmitter which was announced yesterday, Sandisk today unveiled plans for a portable sound system for their Sansa digital audio players. The Sansa Speaker Dock will be available in coming weeks for $79.99.

The Sansa Speaker Dock, Sandisk said, is a one piece system containing four full range speakers and an amplifier with volume controls. The Sansa digital audio player is slid into a recessed docking station and an attached connector cable is inserted into it. It runs off of an AC adapter or four AA batteries, can be connected to other audio devices and has a USB cable connection so that music and data can be transferred to a Sansa player when it is docked.

“Now that we have established SanDisk as a major supplier of flash-based MP3 players, we believe that offering quality, value-priced accessories adds to the versatility of the Sansa line, giving consumers more options to use their players,” said Wes Brewer, SanDisk’s vice president of retail product marketing. “Enhancements such as the Sansa Speaker Dock will help drive sales for the players and enable retailers to offer attractive packages with different combinations of players and accessories.”

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