Cyclists, check out this neat magnetic solution for ANY bike bottle

snapflask a neat magnetic solution for any bike bottle
Torq Athletic Gear
While it’s true that magnetic solutions for carrying drinks on bikes already exist, most come as a kit leaving you stuck with one brand and therefore one bottle.

With this in mind, a recently launched Kickstarter campaign has come up with a neat solution called SnapFlask that not only utilizes magnets but also lets you swap between bottles.

Torq Athletic Gear, the Washington DC outfit that’s designed the device, is also touting it as a safe and stylish alternative to traditional bottle cages, while for clumsier cyclists it could provide a more reliable way of grabbing and returning your flask while moving along the road at speed. And while some bottle cages can be noisy affairs, rattling and vibrating as you pedal down the street, Torq says SnapFlask promises an altogether more peaceful ride thanks to its sturdy build and strong magnets.

The design is straightforward enough, comprising a metal plate attached to a belt that you fasten around your flask. This then audibly snaps onto the supplied neodymium magnetic mount that you fit on the bike’s frame using the holes for a bottle cage. We’re assuming its creators have done enough tests to ensure there’s no slippage with that belt, an issue that could cause concern among some potential backers.

The team, which needs to raise $12,000 by January 2 to make the kit a reality, says that if the project hits the funding target it can deliver SnapFlask to anywhere in the world later the same month.

A pledge of $25 will score you a single SnapFlask set, and that includes free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Back the project to the tune of $46 and you’ll receive two sets, while lo and behold, an even bigger saving can be had if you preorder three sets at $63.

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