Sony Joins HomePlug Powerline Alliance

The addition of Sony to the alliance’s Board of Directors underscores the important role that HomePlug technology will play in connecting a wide range of consumer electronics and personal computer platforms in the emerging digital home market. With robust, whole-house coverage and built-in security, HomePlug technology enables CE manufacturers to enhance their customers’ digital experience as the market moves from broadband sharing to media networking and content distribution. With HomePlug AV, home networking and content provisioning technology will enter a new world of connectivity and convenience. CE products from leading companies like Sony will be able to interconnect with other consumer electronics appliances and personal computers and share content, such as HDTV video streams, at speeds consistent with seamless interoperability and convenience, just by plugging the product into any convenient electrical outlet.

“Joining the Board of Directors of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance is an exciting opportunity for us, which will allow Sony to work closely with other companies to develop reliable powerline communications technologies for the connected home,” said Ian Matthews, General Manager, Advanced Technology and Planning Division, Sony Electronics.

“The global market for HomePlug technology is rapidly expanding beyond home data networking and Internet sharing into whole house audio video connectivity,” said Oleg Logvinov, President of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and President and CEO of Arkados, Inc, a subsidiary of “Sony Electronics will be a valuable addition to the HomePlug Board of Directors as we finalize and release our new HomePlug AV specification and also move forward with our other new standards for HomePlug BPL and command and control.”

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