Sony MDR-NC50 Noise Canceling Heaphones

 Sony MDR-NC50 Noise Canceling Heaphones

Noise-canceling technology uses a built-in microphone that detects environmental noise from low-frequency sources (20-1500hz), such as jet engines, leaf blowers, subway trains, server fans, and household appliances. Sony engineers have improved a noise canceling circuit that creates an equal an opposite sound wave to cancel such noise, creating a better environment for listening to in-flight movies or portable audio devices. For example, Sony tests indicate that the MDR-NC50 headphones offer a 14db reduction of sounds at the 300hz level.

Using 40 mm drivers and neodymium magnets in combination with its noise cancellation circuitry, the MDR-NC50 headphones provide the audio quality and clarity of a home listening headphone – even when they’re used far from home.

These headphones are also designed for use in both active and passive modes, so when the environment changes and noise canceling features are no longer needed, the headphones can be turned off and used as high-quality, conventional headphones.

For times when you need to listen to travel announcements or interact with others, a monitor switch located on the outside of the left earpiece allows temporary suspension of the noise canceling properties and audio output of the headphones.

The MDR-NC50 headphones reflect Sony’s commitment to style and technology with their reflective, midnight blue finish, padded-leather earpieces, easily adjustable headband, and easy to pack-and-take carrying case. These headphones will be available in major retailers for about $200 in June, and are available for pre-orders at

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