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Wave-cutting SV Alpha sport yacht tops 90 miles per hour

Some yachts are built for entertaining crowds in opulent spaces, while others are world travelers with room and facilities to keep owners and 10-20 of their best friends (and hangers-on) comfortable on long journeys. Newcomer SV Yachts has the straightforward goal of building the world’s fastest yacht. Its SV Alpha claims that position, and made its debut just before the Miami International Boat Show.

The SV Alpha is the yacht builders’ first vessel. Its 90-plus mph top speed and two Mercury Racing 700SCI racing engines make good on its performance claim. The SV Alpha isn’t a single-purpose racing boat, however. Maximum capacity is 15 people on board for day cruising in style. The 700SCIs aren’t the only power option. You can choose dual Mercury 520, 565, or 662 SCIs for power that’s formidable without the highest offshore top end.

Performance boats usually have rows of switches and buttons at the helm, but the SV Alpha has virtually none. Three large touchscreen displays and a windshield with unobstructed view comprise an entirely glass helm. The exceptions are two large start buttons. When you start the SV Alpha, a sequence of events engages, activating blowers and providing visual feedback as the engine reaches readiness.

Even with all the power and drama of startup, SV Yachts says the SV Alpha is designed to keep the volume down using Mercury Racing noise reduction technology, including submerged muffler boxes to meet EU noise emission standards when the vessel is not on plane.

SV Yachts Alpha Video Slider

The SV Alpha is constructed entirely of composite components for strength, quality control, and weight reduction. The Aramid fiber hull is built of the same material used in tactical body armor to withstand the forces and strain of ocean racing.

The interior seating and sunning surfaces are patterned after vintage GT sports car upholstery. A Wi-Fi managed LED light system both on deck and underwater sets the mood when the vessel is docked or anchored for entertainment.

So whether you want to just sit on a yacht that has a performance-slanted look or if you can’t wait to take her out for booming, wave-cutting offshore high speed runs, the SV Alpha is sure to attract attention.

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