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Take Your TiVo Shows on the Road

If you are already a TiVo subscriber then you will get the new TiVoToGo service in the latest TiVo update, version 7.1-X which should be automatically downloaded to your TiVo box. TiVoToGo enables users to transfer shows from your DVR to your home PC/laptop.

The new TiVoToGo service will also allow you to record shows to DVD using the Sonic MyDVD software (which must be purchased separately).

We first heard about the TiVoToGo service at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January, although most information has been kept a secret until now. TiVoToGo will not cost any additional fees for current TiVo subscribers, and is compatible with Windows Portable Media Center players from iRiver, HP, Dell, Samsung and other manufacturers. You can read more about TiVoToGo at the companies website.

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