TrueCall Stops Telemarketers

TrueCall Stops Telemarketers

Two former telemarketers have come up with a device that could put their former colleagues out of a job. Called TrueCall, it’s a buffer between the landline and calls, and can be taught to distinguish between calls that are welcome and those that aren’t.
If the number calling is on a welcome list, the call is put through, the BBC reports. Those on a zap list it receives an automated message and your phone never rings. With unrecognized numbers or ones with no number given, TrueCall asks their name, puts them on hold and rings through to your phone.

You can then accept the call, have the caller leave a message, or add the number to the zap list.

Co-inventor John Price said:

"TrueCall is designed to give people control of their landlines. You can bolt the door and close the curtains but your landline is the weak link in your privacy."

Future plans include a database of telemarketing numbers that can be downloaded to individual devices from a central telemarketing base. The device is available in the UK from the company’s site for around $160.

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