Twitter, Facebook, Skype and foursquare are all coming to the Playstation Vita

PlayStation VitaThe PS Vita will not only have the computing power of the PS3, at the same price, but you will also be able to tweet your new high-score directly from the device. Sony announced via press release today that the portable game system will have a dedicated Facebook, foursquare, Skype, and Twitter apps.  The press release states that the apps will become available some time after the device is launched, but does not give a timeline for any of the apps in question.

Users will be able to download the apps through Sony’s PlayStation Store for free. Once the apps are installed you can launch them directly from the home screen. The press release does not mention if the apps will be integrated into games for a fully connected experience. From our understanding you will not be able to update that you beat your high score directly from a game to Facebook. Which will most likely be for the best for people watching Twitter and Facebook in early 2012, can you imagine how many Twitter updates people would send if they didn’t have to leave their game?

We are curious to see just how each of these social apps will be implemented on the Vita. For example will users have to view their Twitter feeds in landscape mode, or will they have to hold the device vertically which it was not designed for? Will you be able to store your GPS data and update foursquare once you have a Wi-Fi signal? Only time will tell exactly how all of these apps will work. One thing is for sure having these types of apps will make the Vita an overall more appealing product.

The real app that we are waiting to hear confirmation about is NetFlix, with the Vita’s amazing screen it would be a great viewing experience.

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