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Uniden Develops Custom Vonage Phone

Uniden Develops Custom Vonage Phone

The new Uniden UIP1869V cordless phone comes with a corded base unit and is expandable to support up to ten cordless handsets. What makes the cordless phone unique is the integrated Texas Instruments’ TNETV1060 VoIP gateway chipset which actually allows you to use the phone for answering VoIP calls. The phone will plug directly into your broadband connection or router and basically eliminates the need for a special phone adapter.

The Uniden UIP1869V phone system will use 5.8Ghz wireless technology.

There is no mention as to when the new phone system will be available for purchase, or its price.

*Update 5:27PM 6/6/05 – We have added a picture of the new Vonage Uniden phone system. Please click on the thumbnail located at the top of this page for a larger image.

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