USRobotics to Make VoIP Products

Networking products company USRobotics today announced they were planning to enter the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment market during the fourth quarter of this year. Their first product, to be released next month, is scheduled to be a USB Internet phone.

This USB Internet phone, USRobotics said, is designed to work with Skype and other VoIP services. It offers features like echo cancellation, noise reduction and a LCD screen which supports Caller ID.

Other USRobotics VOIP products currently in the works include a VoIP telephone adapter, USB speaker phone and a 4-port wireless router with two VoIP phone ports.

"VoIP is the next logical step for USRobotics," says CEO Joseph Hartnett. "Our customers are interested in a full slate of products to support their wireless and Internet-dependent lifestyles. Our VoIP line of products will allow them to optimize their investment in broadband internet connectivity, by bringing new technology into homes and businesses, designed to make Voice communications as simple and comfortable as traditional telephone calling." 

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