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XM Audible Store Opens

XM Satellite Radio and spoken audio source provider Audible announced today they had launched a joint download store featuring content from both companies. The new website is known as the XM Audible Store.

The XM Audible Store, XM said, will allow consumers the ability to download the popular XM programs “The Bob Edwards Show” and “Opie and Anthony” as some of the 25,000 to 35,000 audio books, audio magazines, newspapers and radio programs that Audible makes available to for a fee to compatible digital media players and mobile devices.

This online store is part of a larger relationship between the companies which will later this year feature a new XM segment which consists of interviews, features and news focusing on the programming available at Audible’s website. The program will be heard over XM’s airwaves or can be downloaded through Audible.

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