Apple says it took care of CIA spyware vulnerabilities years ago

Why are we not totally reassured?

Following revelations that the CIA developed snooping tools for Apple Mac computers and iPhone, Cupertino has responded by saying the exploits are outdated and were dealt with years ago. In a statement to Tech Crunch, Apple said they wanted to assure users their devices are safe and secure and that the malware detailed by Wikileaks would only work on the iPhone 3G, so if you still are using one, might be time for an upgrade? Yeah…

Apple also said they had no “special deal” with Wikileaks and were treating their findings as they would any bug report. As for what the CIA has cooked up since the era of the iPhone 3G, who knows.

Oh yeah, that thing

Twitter, which always seems to be on the brink of financial collapse, rummaged around in their junk drawer recently and suddenly remembered they owned TweetDeck, and thought, “hey, maybe we could make some money with this thing.” On Thursday, numerous users posted clues that Twitter may use Tweetdeck as a foundation for a paid Twitter service with premium features such as advanced publishing features, no ads and more.

So how much? $20 a month has been floated, but so has $5 a month, a figure that doesn’t cut into our beer budget as much. Twitter acquired Tweetdeck way back in 2011 for 40 million, and it looks like it could return soon – for a fee.

Time keeps on slipping into the future…

Everyone wants to live forever, or, at least, for a while longer than nature currently allows, and new research shows that after a while, your blood gets old while you… also get old. So if you could make your blood young again, might that help slow down the aging process. Looks like it might. Researchers in Germany say “young blood” that’s been genetically modified appears to have health benefits and may reverse some aging processes.

It’s part of Stem cell research and while the investigation is ongoing, the signs are promising. Check out our the full story at the link and stop trying to figure out how to be a sexy vampire.

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