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Bizarre incidents involving Pokemon GO start to pile up

As the Pokemon Go craze spreads ever wider, here are some pro tips on what NOT to do while playing:

• Don’t play Pokemon Go while driving

• Don’t stop your car in traffic to pop out and catch a Pokemon

• Don’t wander down dark alleys in the bad part of town and get jacked while playing

• Don’t try to bag Pokemon at the Holocaust Museum or Arlington Cemetery

• If you find a dead body while playing, please alert the police right away

Yes, those are all things that have actually happened over the short life of the ultra-hot game, which we admit is super addicting. So, also, don’t play Pokemon Go while at work, unless that kind of thing is actually encouraged. We’ll have more pro tips going forward as reports of ever more bizarre Pokemon Go-related stories pour into the DT newsroom.


And as if going retro with a Pokemon game wasn’t enough for Nintendo, they’re also about to make a lot of holiday shopping lists with the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Due out on November 11 for a paltry $60, the Mini Me-sized gaming console obviously won’t be running any high-end VR gear or anything, but it will come with 30 classic games built right in, including classics like Galaga, Excitebike, three Super Mario classics, Legend of Zelda and so on.

The Classic Edition will come with one controller, and extras are just $10. Or, you can use a Wii remote to get Mario moving. So this winter, while the kids are off in VR land with their new Vive or Rift, you parents out there can do a little video game time traveling of your own.


Consumer Reports, which gave the Tesla Model S an unprecedented score of 100 not long ago, is asking Tesla to rethink the Autopilot system.

Following several crashes and one fatality linked to the semi-autonomous systems aboard the electric cars, the folks at the respected evaluation publication are now saying, literally, that Autopilot is “too much autonomy, too soon.” While not calling for Tesla to shut off Autopilot completely, they do call for scaling it back by turning off the autosteer function.

They also are asking Tesla to better educate drivers about the system and its limitations, and to better test autonomous systems before rolling them out to the cars. Lastly, they want Tesla to change the name from Autopilot to something that sounds a bit less… autonomous.

So far, Telsa has refused to modify the Autopilot system, and has rebutted claims that it was responsible for some crashes it was blamed for, usually citing data logged from the car before and after the incident.

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