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Digital Trends Live: NASCAR returns, Facebook Messenger Rooms, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler discusses the top trending stories in tech, including Facebook’s Messenger Rooms, NASCAR returns, Facebook buys Giphy, Tesla’s million-mile battery, the X-37B Spaceplane, the new Apple iPad, and more.

Craig Fairbrass

Nibler then speaks with actor Craig Fairbrass, who talks about his new series Villain, available on demand on May 22.

We then turn to the world of robotics, where we take a look at Harvard University’s soft robot exosuit, which can help people who have had strokes improve their walking.

Michael Davies

Michael Davies, senior vice president of Technical and Field Operations for Fox Sports, talks about NASCAR returning to action, and the precautions they are taking to ensure safety.

Finally, we wrap up the biggest tech stories of the week with Ken Yeung, editor at Flipboard, who talks about the (slow) return of employees to the workplace, Dell’s XPS line of “MacBook killer” laptops, the Virtual Microsoft Build, and more.

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