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Congress delays antitrust hearings, virtual MLB fans | Digital Trends Live

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler talks the top tech topics of the day, including a delay for Congress’ antitrust hearing, Google takes on Amazon, Facebook unlikes the “Like” button, an amazing underwater habitat, virtual baseball fans, and more.

Jesse McCartney

Nibler then chats with actor, singer, and songwriter Jesse McCartney about what it’s like to put out a new album during quarantine.

Next, we dive into gaming news with DT’s Lisa Marie Segarra, who gives an Xbox Showcase recap and talks Ubisoft’s $60 promise for holiday game releases.

David Malott

David Malott, co-founder and chief executive officer of A.I. Space Factory, then joins the program to discuss winning the NASA Centennial Challenge to design a Mars habitat.

Dan Pack

We then slide into the world of baseball with Dan Pack, managing director of Silver Spoon, who discusses how it has teamed with Fox Sports to bring virtual crowds to the TV sports experience.

Finally, we wrap up the week’s biggest tech news with Tech Briefs, including the big Twitter hack, Samsung’s Galaxy X Flip 5G, and China heading to Mars.

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