DT Daily: Apple’s iCloud problem, concussion sensor, Dodge Viper returns

Today on DT Daily: the celebrity photo scandal clouds Apple’s big day, detecting concussions in child athletes, and Dodge reskins the Viper.

In just a few days, Apple is set to likely reveal a new iPhone, a possible smartwatch and who knows what else. But following the release of compromising celebrity photos last weekend, all anyone can talk about right now – is iCloud.

And we don’t mean in a good way. Apple’s online storage system wasn’t hacked outright – the hackers used repeated login attempts to get into the celebritys’ accounts – but it may as well have been. Celebs are dissing it, some groups are calling for people to sell Apple stock, and the whole affair has thrown doubt on the security of cloud storage – and iCloud in particular. Tim Cook has gotta be pissed.

On the eve of his first big post-Steve Jobs product rollout, he’s probably going to have to address the scandal before he rolls out that ‘One More Thing’ to Apple’s fan base. We’ll be there next Tuesday for the event, so tune in then.

As most every parent of an active kid knows by now, concussions are a danger to be taken very seriously.

Now, a project on Kickstarter is offering a device that lets parents and coaches know when a young athlete got their bell rung – and how bad the hit was. Called Jolt, the small sensor clips to helmets, headbands or clothing. It pairs with a phone of course, and has a 300-foot range. If an athlete takes a hit to the head, Jolt displays the severity and recommends actions to take, including an evaluation test which goes way beyond “how many fingers am I holding up.”

Project leader and wrestler Ben Harvatine – a concussion victim himself – is looking to raise $60,000, and he’s on his way. You can get an early release Jolt sensor for an $80 pledge – or you can gift one to a kid who’s leaving it all out there on the field.

There’s been a lot of hype lately around the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the company’s 707 horsepower tire-shredding muscle car.

But if you’re a fan of a more minimalist approach to high speed, you’re probably a Dodge Viper devotee. Sadly, the newest Viper is not getting the Hellcat’s monster motor, but it’s not far off the pace with an 8.4-liter V10 now putting out 645 horsies – and in that sleeker, snakier Viper body style. And hey, you can also get it Yorange now. Yes, Yorange. Yellow-Orange. And also Stryker Purple. So there’s that.

Viper production is usually small-scale, so if you’re snake-bit by the car’s great looks and barely restrained performance, now’s the time take a closer look. Go here for more details.

Your host today is Holly Resnick.

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