DT Daily: Skype shows off Translator, Workflow wrangles apps, Jeff Bezos interview

Today on DT Daily: Skype demonstrates their translator technology, an app that gets your apps to work together, and a telling interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Not long ago, Internet telephony juggernaut Skype said they were working on technology that could almost instantly translate other languages during a call. Now, they’ve made a video of a trial run of this most impressive technology.

And who better than a bunch of curious school children in both Mexico and Tacoma to try it out! The students wearing headsets asked each other all manner of questions about their lives and dreams. Skype continues to develop the translator system and machine learning technology plays a big part.

Skype says Translate has the potential to change how people communicate, and this seems to be one of those times when the hype seems to be justified. Even better, Skype just announced a preview program for Translate, just hit this link to sign up.

How many apps do you have on your iPhone or iPad? For many users, it can be hundreds. So what if some of them could work together?

That’s the goal of Workflow, an app that gets other apps to cooperate to accomplish complex tasks. Not only that, but Workflows you create can even be saved as independent apps, and you can share them with others. The number of things you can make Workflow do is pretty much infinite, and it looks pretty easy to use as well. Workflow is available now in Apple’s app store for $3. Check out more about Workflow here on TechCrunch.

After Steve Jobs, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is probably the most enigmatic tech CEO of modern times. He doesn’t give many interviews, and the many stories about him paint a picture of both a benevolent businessman or the tyrannical despot of Internet discount shopping. So which is it? Bezos recently sat down with Business Insider for an hour-long interview that gives great insight into what drives and defines Amazon.com’s head honcho.

What are the main takeaways? Bezos is a complex guy. He’s also very cleary a really smart guy. Like him or not, it’s a don’t-miss interview. Hit the link below and settle in for an hour-long chat with a modern icon of the tech economy.

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