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Digital Trends Live: 3D COVID-19, deep fake elections, cyborg grasshoppers

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Sam Slaughter detail the biggest stories in tech, including the first 3D scan of the coronavirus, Boeing’s passenger drone contest, a smartphone that detects live skin, an Indian politician who deepfakes election videos, bomb-sniffing cyborg grasshoppers, and more.

Duncan Greatwood

We then speak with Duncan Greatwood, chief executive officer of Xage Security, about security on the blockchain, and finding a universal, tamper-proof solution for industrial operations.

DT Senior Editor Drew Prindle then stops by to talk about awesome tech you can’t buy yet. This week, he discusses a new take on the classic cast-iron pan, new camera portrait lenses from Petzval, and a way to replace plastic cutlery with the “forkanife.”

Johan Attby

Next upm Johan Attby, co-founder and CEO of Fishbrain, talks about the world’s largest fishing app for forecasts and gear.

John Rowland

Finally, Nibler speaks with John Rowland, president and co-founder of S²A, about how it is building electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury smart homes and commercial buildings.

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