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Digital Trends Live: Amazon goes cashier-free, Netflix shows ratings

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Luke Larsen discuss the top-trending tech stories, including Netflix’s decision to show rankings, Amazon’s cashier-free store, Apple Maps’ expansion, NASA’s Venus plans, and more.

Jacobi Anstruther and Tom Darnell

Jacobi Anstruther, founder and chief executive officer of Iris, and Tom Darnell, its chief commercial officer, join the show to talk about making digital sound come alive.

We then look into some news that would have come out of Mobile World Congress had it taken place, as we discuss Huawei and Google parting ways on the Honor 9 phone.

Greg Marsh

Nibler speaks with Greg Marsh, founder and CEO of KeyMe, about how it is putting up to 10,000 do-it-yourself key duplication kiosks around the country.

There’s a whole world of livestreaming cameras out there, and in this segment we plunge Nibler smack dab into the middle of one. Can he guess where in the world it is via clues, or will he drown in defeat?

Taking a look at smart homes, we discuss why home security cameras should have shutters in order to keep hackers at bay.

Brad Hunstable

Finally, we speak with Brad Hunstable, CEO of Linear Labs, about the new Hunstable Electric Turbine motor, which produces twice the torque of currentelectric vehicleV motors.

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