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DT Daily: The future of MacBooks, AT&T vs. HBO, and more

This world’s only big enough for one ninth episode of DT Daily, and what an episode it was! Host Greg Nibler and special guest Luke Larsen infiltrated the news of the day, making off with valuable stories from the world of tech.

First up, the trendiest of topics: AT&T pulled HBO from both Dish and Sling TV, a blackout that left customers puzzled and angry. AT&T and HBO are in the process of negotiating a new contract, and as we noted in our coverage, “blackouts aren’t uncommon during difficult negotiations between TV producers and distributors,” but it is surprising to see it happen to a network as high-profile as HBO. It’s the first time in HBO’s 45 years that such a thing has happened. As big media companies continue to eat or fight each other, these stunts could become more common, and customers will be caught in the crossfire.

Luke had some insights of his own regarding Apple’s enigmatic Project Star. Rumors abound about this mysterious, new laptop. After seeing Apple’s recently announced lineup of new laptops, Luke tried to imagine what the Apple laptop of 2021 will look like, drawing on Apple’s latest innovations and patent applications. The wildest change Apple might make: Replacing the keyboard entirely with a giant touchpad. Given that the latest MacBook Pro has a low-travel keyboard and has given space to the trackpad and Touch Bar, it doesn’t seem far-fetched.

In other news, Amazon has opened a second “four-star” store, this time in Denver. For those who haven’t looked into the original four-star store, located in New York City, it is a physical store where people can buy products that are highly-rated or popular on Amazon (and if you are a Prime subscriber, you can get discounts).

Over in DT’s New York studio, Brenda Stolyar talked to entrepreneur Bianca de la Garza about her efforts to build more inclusive platforms in the world of beauty, and Ryan Gist, Director of Engineering at Biolite, who showed off some of the company’s cool camping gadgets.

DT Daily airs Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. PT, with highlights available on demand after the stream ends. For more information, check out the DT Live homepage, and be sure to watch live for the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, among other prizes.

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