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Capsure CEO Jeanne Lewis talks about preserving the world’s memories

Today on DT Daily, host Greg Nibler was joined by Jeanne Lewis, co-founder and CEO at Capsure, to discuss the ins and outs of the photosharing app and how Capsure is taking a different approach to social media.

Reminiscent of popular apps like Pinterest, Capsure is a mobile app and website that offers digital photo and video boards where you can post photos and record audio. What sets Capsure apart from other apps is that every account is private and there’s no contest to have the most likes.

Rather than posting the best pictures from your vacation for all the world to see, Capsure is something more akin to a digital family photo album — it only allows people you have given access the chance to see your photos and videos. It offers a glimpse into your life to those you are closest with.

As the youngest of six kids, Lewis often felt there were a lot of family stories she missed out on growing up. The idea of being able to collect those memories, with personalized flourishes attached to them, was very important to her.

Lewis recalls talking to Capsure co-founder Mark Wayman over lunch one day, after he found a old answering machine with a recording of his mother-in-law’s voice on it. The emotion in his house was palpable when they were to able to hear the voice of a recently departed family member again.

“Where do we put these memories?” Lewis said. “Where do we put these recordings? If my kids are singing Katy Perry in the backseat when they are 4 and 6, and I have an audio recording of that, where am I saving that?” And thus Capsure was born.

Capsure is free to try, so long as you don’t mind having only 250MB of storage. After that, it will cost you $2 per month (or $20 a year) for unlimited storage of your most precious memories. A portion of the proceeds raised by Capsure also go to helping fund Alzheimer’s research. You can learn more about the app on its website.

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