DSLRs aren’t dead yet as Nikon unveils powerhouse D850

All the good stuff

While most of us are content with capturing life’s precious moments with our handy cell phone cameras, pro photographers who take shots like this typically require a bit more firepower. That’s why many pro shooters are pleased as punch that Nikon has finally debuted the D850 DSLR, a 45.7 megapixel monster ready to do your creative bidding.

We got our hands on one of the new cameras at a press intro and suffice to say, it’s impressive. One new feature is what’s known as “full sensor width” 4K video recording, something that should get the attention of cinematographers. And if you’re into time lapse videos, and who isn’t these days, there’s also an 8K video mode for those kinds of productions. We’re currently evaluating the camera, but do check out our initial hands-on report.

Grand new iPhone

Tick tock, it’s almost time for the big debut of the new slate of iPhones from Apple, which Tim Cook and company should roll out next month… we hope. Now, the New York Times is saying that reliable but anonymous sources have indicated the iPhone 8 – or whatever it ends up being called – is going to come in at a price point of $999. Not totally surprising, but also… kind of expensive.

However, with Samsung pegging the price of the new Note 8 at $929, it’s also kind of where we are for top-tier smart phones. And since it’s been ten years since Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone – which was packing a whopping 4 gigs of memory for $500 – we’d have to say that a grand for everything you get in an iPhone these days is downright reasonable. Check out the Time’s article here and Steve’s original reveal of the first iPhone here.

X marks the Playstation

So, are you an Xbox fan, or a PlayStation devotee? Maybe both? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could battle those other console players online in your favorite game? At present, you can’t, but that might change soon. According to several sources and a video interview posted on GameReactor, high-level talks are underway between Sony and Microsoft to allow “crossplay” between the consoles. And the game that’s most on point in the deal? Minecraft.

Of course, bridging the online gap between the two top-selling consoles would open up a whole new dimension of online gaming, so we’re hoping both companies put player’s desires ahead of other concerns and make it happen. We’ll keep tabs on developments and update you on if – or when – an agreement is reached. Here’s hoping.

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