Samsung appears to pull the plug on problematic Galaxy Note 7

Samsung stops production of Galaxy Note 7 – for now

It looks like it’s all over the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is stopping production – temporarily, it says – of its top-of-the-line phone after new reports that even the replacement phones were overheating and having the same battery problems as the infamous exploding phones that originally came out. Additionally, all major US carriers are now allowing customers to return the phones and choose something else, although some conditions may apply.

So, what’s next for Samsung? While the Note 7 fiasco is certainly a black eye (or two) for the company, you can bet they are turning extra attention to the next flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. And who knows, maybe this incident will push Samsung to deliver a breakout device with some real cutting-edge features no one else has.

Recall posted for thousands of Audi, VW models over possible fuel leak

Speaking of recalls, it looks like Volkswagen is in hot water again, this time for possible fuel leaks across a broad range of VW and Audi models. However, this time, it’s not a diesel problem, but a possible gasoline leak that has prompted a recall of some 281,000 vehicles. Parent company VW says a part of a fuel filter flange may crack, allowing gas to leak. And since it’s gas and not diesel, it’s much more of a fire hazard.

VW says the recall involves Audi Q7, Q5, A6 and A7 sedans going back to 2007, along with VW Golf, Golf Sportwagons and GTI models from 2015 and 2016. We’ve got a link here to check your VIN, so if your car is on the list, be sure to get it in for service.

U.K. PM says don’t take your Apple tech into chambers

Are you a UK cabinet member and Apple watch fan? Bad news: the high-tech devices are now banned from cabinet meetings. Why? UK prime minister Theresa May has declared them as unwelcome because she fears they could be hacked by the Russians. Seems like everyone thinks the Russians are hacking just about everything these days…

Anyway, May is taking no chances on the Russians listening in on cabinet sessions, even though, so far, there’s no evidence the watches have been hacked… by anyone. Also, iOS devices like the iPhone have already been banned, so don’t think you’re going to playing Pokemon Go while the Minister of Agriculture drones on and on about the barley surplus. Just leave the tech back in your office where the Russians can listen in to your campaign plans over tea.

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