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Is Samsung readying a toughened-up version of the Galaxy S8?

Takes a fallin’ keeps on callin’

If you think today’s smartphones a bit too… delicate, good news: there’s now talk of a new Samsung Galaxy S8 variant featuring a bit more… robust construction. Samsung tracking site SamMobile says the phone has a model number and is codenamed “cruiser.” It’s not a new idea, of course. Samsung sold a version of the S7 called the S7 Active, which featured a bigger battery, a stock protective layer and even some camo.

Looks like the S8 may get a similar makeover. We’re fans of the idea: while today’s smartphones are certainly sleek and stylish, a lot of people need to rely on them under challenging circumstances while at work or during playtime, be it at the club or say, while going to another club. Usually that means some kind of big case, but if that protection can come right from the factory, even better.

There’s no word on when the phone will drop or how much it might cost, but Sam Mobile says Samsung usually rolls out their Active phone lineup in June, just in time for summer fun, so stay tuned.

Say it ain’t so, Nintendo

It’s good times at video game icon Nintendo these days, with new reports that the company sold nearly a million of their new Switch gaming consoles in the U.S. in just one month.

Those number blow away the sales figures for the Wii U, which launched during the holidays no less. And before that, Nintendo had an unexpected hit on their hands with the decidedly lower-tech and less expensive throwback console, the NES Classic. Now, Nintendo has announced that shipments of the NES Classic are about to end, at least in North America. Yeah, right, say WHAT? The Classic is still a super hot commodity, so they’re killing it off? Sure looks like it.

Nintendo told IGN that the Classic was never expected to be a long-term product – and while they didn’t say it explicitly, it looks like they didn’t expect it to be the runaway hit it turned out to be. So, despite that, they’re sticking to their production schedule. Do they not understand capitalism? Anyway, if you can’t track one down for 60 bucks at retail, looks like you’ll be dealing with the scalpers on eBay, where the consoles go for just a bit more. Or you can win one from us here at DT!

Rolling into the future Onewheel at a time

Ever get tired of walking to work? Well, do we have the, uh… “thing” for you. This thing, actually. It’s called the OneWheel Plus, and it’s like a skateboard with one big wheel in the middle. It’s also motorized, so you just get on and ride. Think you have to be a Circe de Soleil acrobat to master it? We can safely say DT’s Cool Tech editor would fail miserably at the circus, yet he rides it like a pro? How so?

The OneWheel Plus is packed with sensors, gyros and computerized helpers that keep you balanced while riding – or just standing still. Drew rode the OneWheel Plus for fun and also commuted to work on it, and if you’re tired of sitting in traffic or walking from the train, you need to check this thing out. Hit this link for the review and video.

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