Don’t spend another winter without 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive

Grandmother’s house is calling or maybe it’s the ski resort, or that dog sledding trip — whatever your plans are, get over the river and through the woods with confidence this winter with 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive. It can be all too easy to hibernate at home when the snow starts to fly, but with a reliable, winter road-ready vehicle like those equipped with Volkswagen’s 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive, and proper winter ready tires, you’ll be able to live your best winter life, no matter the weather. So gear up and get ready to get out in the elements for winter adventures. With a winter-ready 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive Volkswagen, you’ll start to look forward to those shorter days and snowy nights.

Home for the Holidays

Heading back home for the holidays to spend time with family and friends is easier than ever when you can make the drive confidently. Whether you’ve been looking forward to time-honored traditions with close relatives, getting out to see festive decorations with old friends, or simply planning a relaxing escape off the beaten path, Volkswagen makes it all simpler with 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive in addition to winter tires. You can be ready for just about any conditions winter can throw at you, with winter ready tires and 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive like you’ll find on Tiguan, Atlas, Arteon and the Golf SportWagen. 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive excels as an all-wheel drive technology by distributing power to all four wheels as required, and ensures optimum traction on most surfaces, even in adverse weather conditions so you get sophisticated, adaptive control in all kinds of winter driving conditions. 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive continuously calculates and anticipates necessary drive torque for each axle and variably engages the rear axle in fractions of a second for maximum road confidence. So come through for your favorite granny this holiday and don’t miss out on any of the family fun by making the trip easier with 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive Volkswagen.

Say ‘Yes’ to Ski Trips

This winter is shaping up to shower us with some of the most epic powder conditions winter sports enthusiasts have seen in years, and while that may be great news once you’re on the mountain, getting there is another story. With so much snow in the forecast, winter ready tires, and a dependable 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive vehicle are more important than ever if you plan on taking advantage of as many bluebird days as possible. Especially in snowy, slushy, and icy conditions, 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive in addition to winter tires increases your traction and responsiveness, while automatic features adjust to issues before you even know there’s a problem — because that adrenaline rush is better saved for the ski hill, not the commute. With Volkswagen’s intuitive 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive, the system activates even before your tires lose traction, giving you incredibly proactive control. Front and Rear axle decoupling increases your fuel economy and variable rear axle engagement is activated engaged within fractions of a second, so you don’t sacrifice any traction in winter driving conditions. And if the conditions call for it, like those tough-to-navigate ski resort parking lots, ideal drive torque is automatically directed to the either rear axles to get you out of the snowiest of situations. Built for snow-packed ski lodge parking lots, Volkswagen’s innovative 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive will help get you into the action and back again, so you can take full advantage of the best the season has to offer. And again, 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive paired with a set of winter snow tires, and an alert, condition-aware driving attitude, and you’ll be set for ski adventures just about anywhere.

Winter Weekend Adventures

If you dread the long nights and sinking temperatures, maybe it’s because you need to get out into winter to see how fun it can be. As the saying goes, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear,’ and with the right 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive system and winter tires to help you explore confidently, we’re willing to bet you’ll find a lot to love about the season. When you know you can count on 100% of your drive torque being instantaneously automatically distributed to the rear between axles when you need additional traction, you can brave the winter roads confidently and capably. So find those hot-springs you’ve been eager to experience in Volkswagen’s 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive, or head out on a snowshoeing excursion along the river knowing your intelligent 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive with winter tires can anticipate traction loss and automatically engage the system to provide optimum control and handling. Go ice climbing, cross-country skiing, try ice fishing in that hard-to-reach spot, or plan a trip somewhere known for its winter attractions — you might find winter will be over too quickly when you can access the fun without all the anxiety around getting there.

Whatever your winter dreams are made of, Volkswagen’s dependable 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive can help make them a reality.

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