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Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds discounted before Black Friday

As we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re seeing some amazing discounts on some of the hottest tech. Even Apple products! In fact, now may be one of the best times of the year to score the gear you’ve been craving. Right now, you can score amazing deals on AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Samsung Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Buds+. Don’t wait for Black Friday to act on these deals — you might miss out.

Samsung Galaxy Buds — $90, was $130

This is a fantastic discount on Samsung Galaxy Buds. First of all, they’re right up there with Apple in terms of design. These refined, subtle buds rest easily in your ears and look fantastic. They’re great for working out or getting work done in crowded or busy environments, thanks to the noise-canceling tech in these earbuds and a feature called Ambient Aware. Find your focus by quieting all but your tunes or podcast, and if you need to let some necessary noise in, Ambient Aware allows you to do so and control exactly how much. The sound quality with these is excellent, too. The dynamic range and sound accuracy is monitored by AKG technology, powered by individual tweeters and woofers inside of each earbud. It’s precise, beautiful sound, and a truly wireless experience, for less than $100.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ — $130, was $150

Another great discount on another amazing Samsung product. These true wireless earphones are one step up from their counterparts above. So what does that “+” get you? A whole lot. With the Galaxy Buds+, you get better sound quality and a three-microphone system (two of which are employed to work against ambient noise and augment vocal transmission), which makes these well worth the money if a good deal of your time is spent on things like Zoom or Skype calls. There’s also better battery life in the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, and faster charging; if you’re doing a quick charge using the case, you only need to charge up for three minutes for an entire hour of battery life. Like their non-plus predecessors, these have advanced Bluetooth technology and a streamlined, subtle design that fits securely into your ears. There are also easy tap controls and they work like a dream with Android compatible devices.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case — $129, was $159

Apple AirPods were the trendsetters in the truly wireless revolution, and while Samsung can compete, there’s a reason Apple has a cult following. The AirPods allow you to go hands-free, letting you access all your connected devices with a simple, “Hey Siri.” They’ve got five hours of battery life, which isn’t amazing, but with Apple, you’re paying more for design and sound quality than battery. With calls, dual microphones filter out background noise, and to make sure your own voice comes through as clearly as possible. The new AirPods have the H1 chip, for an upgraded performance and better connections to your other devices, and offer 50% increased talk time over their predecessors. These are consistently some of the highest-rated wireless earbuds out there, so getting them for $30 off is a no-brainer.

Apple AirPods Pro — $200, was $249

Wireless earbuds don’t get much better, that’s why the AirPods Pro have become legendary.  Right off the bat, in contrast to the AirPods, you have a wireless charging case that gives you way more charging options and the peace of mind that comes with it. The AirPods Pro are designed with interchangeable silicone ear tips that not only help these fit and stay put but also mold the sound to your ears. They’re slightly longer than the normal AirPods and splash resistant, too. These have been upgraded with active noise cancellation, which is hugely effective, especially when it comes to wind — a massive issue for those of us making calls or listening to music on the go. And the design geniuses at Apple have made it so you can hear everything you need to in transparency mode. There are three microphones built into each pod, with one specifically targeting your voice, so you’re clearer than ever on calls.

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