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Labor Day LG TV Sale: Save on must-have models at Best Buy

You can find good 4K TV deals during almost any time of the year, but along with Black Friday, Labor Day sales offer perhaps the best opportunity to score a new 4K TV on the cheap. The end of summer and beginning of fall is a time when people are getting back into the regular rhythm of school and work, and with movie theaters closed down and live sports finally returning to our screens without the option of in-person attendance, people are enjoying more at-home entertainment than ever.

If you’ve been thinking about setting up your own 4K home theater (or maybe just upgrading your old TV to a newer model), then the Best Buy Labor Day Sale has a ton of great discounts right now on some top-of-the-line UHD TVs from LG — all of which have a 120Hz referesh rate, which makes them perfect for both gaming and watching action-filled content like movies and sports alike. To save you some time, we’ve already picked out the five best deals from the Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale and rounded them up below. Read on — your new home theater experience could be waiting for you right here:

49-inch LG NanoCell 85 Series 4K TV — $600, was $650

Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale

If you want a modestly sized, modestly priced 4K TV that won’t overwhelm a smaller room (or totally empty your wallet), this 49-inch LG 85 Series model is just about perfect. Despite its budget-friendly price tag, the LG 85 Series 4K HDR TV doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the latest features: It packs LG ThinQ A.I. with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, allowing you to use voice commands without having to own or purchase a separate smart device, and its Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to easily hook it up to your home’s internet network for streaming. It’s compatible with any streaming devices you already own, too, and has multiple hookups for things like Blu-ray players and gaming consoles.

The 49-inch NanoCell screen can also self-adjust the brightness, color settings, and contrast to enhance whatever picture you’re viewing at the moment (dark scenes will look dark and not grayed out, for instance), and you can even connect up to two Bluetooth speakers to the TV for a custom sound setup if you want. The Best Buy Labor Day LG TV sale knocks this television down to $600.

65-inch LG NanoCell 90 Series 4K TV — $1,200, was $1,300

Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale

If you need something a bit bigger, the 65-inch LG 90 Series 4K HDR smart TV offers a ton of theatrical bang for your buck. At 65 inches, its vibrant IPS panel hits the sweet spot for most standard-sized home theater setups and common rooms — large enough to provide a cinematic experience, but not so big that it will overwhelm your space or be too difficult to set up properly. Like the 85 Series TV, this one has Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart technology built right in, while its webOS interface makes it easy to integrate your content libraries from all your favorite streaming apps.

At $1,200 after a $200 discount for the Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale, the 65-inch LG 90 Series 4K TV is arguably the best choice for anyone looking for a high-value big-screen UHD television that won’t break the bank.

55-inch LG BX Series OLED 4K TV — $1,400, was $1,600

Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale

Moving up in picture quality brings us to LG’s BX Series 4K HDR TVs which boast the latest in OLED panel technology. OLED TVs like this 55-inch LG BX Series television offer better dynamic contrast than standard LED screens, making them a worthy upgrade if you’re willing to pay extra for an improved picture and some added future-proofing (read: You don’t want to replace this TV for a while and attach a premium to that sort of longevity).

Along with that crisp 4K OLED panel, the BX Series UHD television comes with a bevy of other modern features of the sort you’d expect from a modern LG TV including pixel-level dimming, ThinQ A.I., Google Assistant and Alexa, and — of course — Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless streaming. It even has Nvidia G-Sync for gaming, something you usually see on gaming monitors rather than televisions. OLED TVs like this one have come down in price quite a bit recently, and you can score the 55-inch LG BX Series 4K TV for $1,400 ($200 off) during the Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale.

65-inch LG GX Series OLED 4K TV — $2,800, was $3,200

Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale

If you’re specifically looking for a 4K HDR TV to mount on your wall, then it doesn’t get much better (or sleeker) than the LG GX Series. This nearly frameless slimline television comes in at 65 inches — hitting that “Goldilocks” sweet spot in size we like — and looks almost like a painting once it’s installed thanks to LG’s Gallery Design mount that sets it flush against your wall.

That stunning design is paired with an OLED display that’s just as gorgeous, and under the hood, the LG GX Series packs a complete array of smart features for streaming, voice control, and picture quality that’s optimized for whatever sort of content you’re enjoying at the moment. A very nice $400 price cut just for the Best Buy Labor Day LG TV sale means you can score this perfect wall-mounted 4K HDR smart TV for $2,800 while this deal lasts.

77-inch LG CX Series OLED 4K TV — $3,800, was $5,000

Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale

For a super-sized home theater setup where even a 65-inch television would look too anemic, go big with the high-end 77-inch LG CX Series 4K HDR TV. This OLED-paneled smart television has it all: Pixel-level local dimming, LG ThinQ A.I., Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, auto-adjusting color settings, webOS and LG Channels for wired or wireless streaming, and Dolby Atmos sound — in other words, just about everything you could want from a bleeding-edge Ultra HD TV.

Pair this television with a full-on surround sound system and you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of the movie theater right at home. The Best Buy Labor Day LG TV Sale is your chance to score the beefy 77-inch LG CX Series 4K smart TV for $3,800 — a whopping $1,200 savings on its normal price.

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