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Get a free Echo Dot and $25 off Blink XT2 security camera for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is showing up this year with some fantastic sales so far, including great deals on security cameras. One particularly awesome deal can be found on Amazon for the Blink Home Security camera, the . The camera isn’t all you’re getting, though. It is also bundled with a free third-generation Amazon Echo Dot. This deal comes alongside huge Echo discounts and Ring Video Doorbell sales today.

There are a few different ways you can approach this deal. The Blink XT2 comes in kits of one, two, three, or five cameras, and the more you buy, the more you save. A kit with just one XT2 camera costs $75 instead of $100, which which will save you $25. When you factor in the free Echo Dot you get a total savings of $75. Your next choice is two cameras with an Echo Dot. That option will save you a total of $95. Three cameras and a Dot saves $115 and five cameras with an Echo saves a whopping $145.

Included in the bundle, along with the camera and Dot, is the Blink Sync module. This is a hub that connects your home Wi-Fi with up to 10 Blink cameras, so you can build out your security coverage as big or as minimal as you like over time.

The XT2 is an indoor/outdoor camera that features infrared night vision, two-way conversation audio and you can control it with your Alexa device using your free Echo Dots. The Blink XT2 also has a 110-degree wide viewing angle that can “see” large portions of a room or yard and can detect motion automatically. Using the Blink Home Monitor smartphone app you can look at recorded security video clips, change your camera settings, view live video, and have two-way conversations with people near your cameras. If you need even more flexibility, you also watch security video clips on Alexa video devices like Echo Spot, Echo Show, Show5 and Fire TVs. Unlike other security camera companies, you can store your video clips in the could for free for up to a year, too.

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