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Amazon discounts these Samsung and Bose soundbars by up to $72

So you got yourself a brand-new 4K TV. Congratulations! 4K TVs, offer impressive picture quality, whether premium or economy models. Their audio quality? Not so much. That’s because they’re usually way too thin (most of them anyway) and don’t have room for powerful audio components. For a well-rounded home theater setup, the next logical step is to purchase a soundbar. We’ve scoured Amazon and found a couple of awesome deals. Save up to $72 when you get the Bose Solo 5 and the Samsung HW-R450 soundbars today.

SAMSUNG HW-R450 – $128, was $200

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Despite its relatively low cost, the Samsung HW-R450 knows how to put up a fight. This soundbar delivers solid audio performance for the very reasonable price of $128 ($72 less than its normal retail price of $200). Aside from the soundbar itself, HW-R450 comes with a dedicated wireless subwoofer that provides excellent bass. It features the Smart Sound Mode, which allows the soundbar to analyze the content and adjust the sound setting for an optimum viewing experience. When Game Mode is activated, the soundbar boosts sound effects to deliver more immersive gameplay.

The HW-R450 is optimized to work seamlessly with other Samsung devices, including a Samsung TV, using the TV remote or the smartphone app. It supports HDMI, optical, and coaxial connections, and is Bluetooth capable so you can stream music from your mobile phone.

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BOSE SOLO 5 – $179, was $199

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The Bose Solo 5 is so compact that it looks more like a dedicated 5.1 center channel speaker than a regular soundbar. Since it’s tiny, it’s best to place it in your bedroom or a guestroom. It doesn’t have any control buttons on it, so to operate it, you need to use the accompanying universal remote control. But that is more a feature than a bug because this impressive remote can be set up to work with other devices, and not just with the Solo 5. One great additional feature that this soundbar has is Auto-awake. If it detects a sound source (normally the TV itself), you don’t need to manually turn it on. It will also automatically shut down after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Unlike more recent soundbars (including the cheaper Samsung HW-R450), the Solo 5 doesn’t have an HDMI port, so it doesn’t offer much in terms of connectivity. You can only connect your TV via optical or coaxial. It does support Bluetooth connection though, so streaming music from your phone is possible.

Sound quality is also quite good, but not up to par with other more expensive Bose speakers. For only $179 on Amazon (10% less than its normal retail price of $199), the Solo 5 soundbar can be considered budget-friendly compared to Bose’s usual fare.

For the affordable price of just $128, you can order the Samsung HW-R450 on Amazon and complete your basic home theater setup. If you have extra money to spare, opt for the Bose Solo 5 instead with its handy universal remote control.

Looking for more? Visit our curated deals page for more soundbar and speaker deals.

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