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This must-have air fryer is on sale for just $40 — today only

Air frying uses tiny amounts of cooking oil to create tasty snacks and dishes that are much healthier than deep-frying, and one of the most trusted air fryers in the business — the Chefman Air Fryer — is on sale at Best Buy today for only $40, down $80 from the usual $120. This is a one-day sale that ends one minute before midnight tonight, Central Time, so act now if you want to snag this unmissable deal.

Wings, shrimp, onion rings, fries, and more can be cooked quickly and healthily with a Chefman Air Fryer. This model has a 2.5-liter cooking basket, or just a bit more than 2.6 quarts. Most recipes call for one-half tablespoon of cooking oil so, compared deep frying, you don’t have to use a lot of oil or wait a long time for it to heat up.

The Chefman’s analog controls make it very easy to set the cooking temperature and time. You can air fry food from 180 degrees to 390 degrees using a slider on the top front of the air fryer. Control the cooking time with a dial just below the temp slider.

Conventional deep fryers not only cook food with unhealthy levels of fat, but they are also famously messy and bothersome to clean, and they fill the air with the smell of hot oil. Chefman’s Air Fryer uses very little cooking oil  — some recipes call for no extra oil. Both the fryer basket and tank are dishwasher safe. An integrated air filter reduces any odor. The Chefman design also minimizes the sound of the vortex of hot air that does the actual cooking. Also, the exterior remains cool to the touch, and an integrated carrying handle is a convenient feature when moving the device before and after cooking.

The Chefman Air Fryer doesn’t hog your kitchen counter space. The cooker is 14.2 inches long x 14.2 inches wide x 14-inches high and weighs just 11.5 pounds.

There are loads and loads of air frying recipes in apps, on the web, and in cookbooks. Chefman includes the Frying Skinny recipe book in the shipping box.

Best Buy’s extreme 67% price cut on the Chefman Air Fryer drops your cost from $120 to $40. As good as this air fryer deal is, it will slip away if you don’t act soon. This deal ends at 11:59 PM (CT).

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