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Make cold brew in minutes with a discounted Cuisinart coffee maker

Cold brew is just iced coffee right? Wrong. If you’ve ever had real cold brew, you probably noticed that is has a much smoother finish than traditional iced coffee. This is largely due to the temperature at which the coffee is is brewed. With traditional iced coffee, the grounds are brewed at double strength with filtered water just off the boil and then put on ice. This method brings out the acidity of the beans and results in the same harsh flavor typically associated with hot coffee. If you want something smooth, rich, and chocolaty, cold brew is the way to go. For a limited time, you can snag the Cuisinart automatic cold-brew coffee maker for just $72 to start making it yourself. That’s $113 worth of savings that you won’t find in your daily Starbucks cup.

If you’ve never made cold brew before, this coffee maker makes the process fairly straightforward. The machine uses cold or room temperature water to extract the flavor of the grounds, which produces that smooth, full-bodied cup of coffee you’re looking for. Using cold water, rather than hot, allows you to extract fewer bitter flavors and results in less acidity in your morning coffee. Though making cold brew is often a lengthy process, this Cuisinart automatic coffee maker can get you ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in as little as 25 minutes. You can also adjust the settings for strength, and brew up to seven cups of cold-brew coffee at a time. Unlike traditional hot coffee, however, you will want to refrigerate whatever you don’t drink for later. Seeing as cold brew can be refrigerated for up to two weeks in the glass carafe, there is really no reason to brew a fresh pot every morning.

If you’re already a fan of cold brew, the cold-brew coffee maker for just $72 great automatic cold-brew machine makes it a great time to buy, but the savings will extend beyond the initial purchase once you start brewing your daily cup caffeine. If you’re someone who spends $6 for a cup of coffee every day, just think of how much you could be saving by doing it yourself — that’s a lot of extra cash!

cold-brew coffee maker for just $72

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