Jacob Kienlen

Jacob Kienlen

Jacob is the Digital Marketing Strategist at Digital Trends, responsible for tracking down awesome savings and delivering them to the people. With over 4 years of writing, social media, and marketing experience, he has keen eye for all of the deals and discounts the internet has to offer. Before joining DT, he spent his entire life engrossed in technology and how it affects the lives of those it touches. He is driven by a firm belief that everyone should have access to quality tech at an affordable price.

After graduating with a degree in Digital Communications from Oregon State University, Jacob decided to pursue a career in business and commerce. He couldn't shake his love for writing, however, and after surviving multiple Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day deal days as a writer, there was no turning back. His passion for understanding what makes a good deal a deal and how people prefer to consume content has helped shape the way he looks at marketing.

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