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The best 5G phone deals available right now

Now that 5G network coverage is growing across the U.S., it’s about time to start thinking about upgrading to one of the best 5G phones on the market. Luckily, there are already a few carriers offering deals on 5G phones right now.

If you’re still kind of wondering to yourself, “What is 5G?”, that’s quite alright. The fifth-generation mobile network is still rolling out across America as we speak. To understand what’s exciting about it, you need to first understand how 5G compares to 4G. It offers much faster download speeds than even some Wi-Fi connections.

Since 5G technology is still new, there isn’t an overwhelming amount of 5G phone deals to choose from right now. So if you’re looking to spend as little money as possible, it’s best to go with some of the more reasonable smartphone deals from across the web.

If you have your heart set on that 5G service, however, we have gathered some of the best deals going on today and laid them out below.

Best Unlocked 5G Phone Deals

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Christian De Looper/Digital Trends

If you already have 5G coverage in your area and are just looking for a new unlocked 5G capable phone, then we’ve gathered some of the best discounts for you right here. Whether you’re on a T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon 5G network, these smartphone deals are a great way to update your hardware without starting a new contract.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G — $599 ($100 off)

With the new Galaxy s21 arriving earlier this year, previous generations of Samsung Galaxy phones are a great place to find savings. The FE was already one of the most afforable options to come out of the previous generation of Samsung phones, and the addition of a $100 discount on Amazon only sweetens the savings.

If you’re looking for more phones like this, take a look at our more comprehensive list of Samsung galaxy deals.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G — $675 ($125 off)

If you’re okay with spending a bit more, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is also currently on sale at Amazon right now. The latest smartphone to come from Samsung offers an upgraded camera, 8K video, and 128 GB of storage. With 5G connectivity, it’s one of the best 5G capable phones you can get right now.

Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip 5G — $1,000 ($200 off)

If you’re looking for a deal on one of the best foldable phones on the market, you’re in luck. Amazon is currently offering a $200 discount on this beautiful piece of phone.

LG Velvet 5G — $370 ($42 off)

If you’re looking for a cheap 5G phone that is more affordable Samsung phones above, this LG smartphone is another decent option. With a slight discount, it’s one of the most affordable unlocked 5G phones you’ll find.

Best 5G carrier deals

If you’re struggling to find a good cheap 5G phone plan in 2021, then your best bet is to try to save on your phone plan instead. Some of the deepest price cuts you can get come entirely from switching to a new mobile plan. But if you’re looking for an iPhone 12 5G for cheap, you’re most likely out of luck.

Mint Mobile 5G Plans

Mint Mobile claims to offer 5G coverage without charging you extra, but you can also get up to $50 off select phones when you sign up for a 12-month plan. Currently, the two 5G phone discounts are on the Google Pixel 4a 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. You can check out the link below for more details.

Verizon 5G Plans

One of the best carrier deals happening right now is available with Verizon 5G. If you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and sign up for an unlimited plan, you can get another S21 for free. If you’re already considering switching phone services, this is a great way to save. You can also check out our list of some of the best 5G phones for Verizon.

T-Mobile 5G Plans

The T-Mobile 5G network has the widest reach in the U.S. right now. And if you’re hoping to find an iPhone 12 deal on our list, this is your best bet. You can get a free iPhone 12 when you activate a line and trade in an eligible phone.

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