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Save $100 on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phone for Black Friday

Looking for Galaxy Z Flip 3 Black Friday sales? This deal is your best option across all retailers today. You can get a brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 from Samsung for $900, that’s $100 cheaper than the original price of $1,000

It’s time to start scrambling for the best Black Friday deals this year. Everyone is panicking about running out of products before holiday shopping traditionally starts. You’ve probably heard the warnings by now: Shop now or forever hold your peace! Anything with semiconductors is going to be in short supply this year thanks to the global microchip shortage. Thankfully, that just means retailers have been bringing out substantial discounts since August. The best Black Friday phone deals have been popping for over a month now. If upgrading your smartphone game is on your Black Friday list this year, you should pull the trigger on this Galaxy Z Flip 3 Black Friday deal as soon as possible.

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Today’s best Galaxy Z Flip 3 Black Friday deal

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Why Buy:

  • Elegant folding screen
  • Unique clamshell design
  • Lets you check notifications while it’s closed
  • A vivid 1.9-inch screen cover screen

One of the more unique smartphone offerings just got a fantastic discount.  Now you can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 from Samsung for $900, $100 lower than its usual price of $1,000.

This deal is subject to the same limited supply that all smartphones are experiencing, so we’re not sure how long it will stick around. Contrary to our earlier predictions, phones are getting bigger and bigger. The size difference between the iPhone 13 Plus and the iPad Mini, as a result, is getting smaller and smaller. How are we supposed to fit these in a pocket? Samsung answered that with their foldable smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a beautiful and unique device. It’s a full-sized, normal smartphone that can fold perfectly in half for storage. Its clamshell design is reminiscent of a Gameboy Advance SP circa 2003, or classic flip phones of the same era. However, it is anything but outdated. In fact, the Flip 3 is on the cutting edge of smartphone technology. The screen itself folds, so when it’s open there is no seam whatsoever. It’s a gorgeous and unique design, and it makes the phone much more compact and portable.

If the idea of flipping your phone open to check every text sounds cumbersome, rest assured Samsung has considered that. The Flip 3 has a touchscreen on the outside of the phone, so you can do basic tasks like viewing notifications and checking the weather without opening the phone. But when you do open it, the advantages of a foldable smartphone become apparent. First of all, you can use the phone when it’s only partially open. You can check texts with an added bit of privacy. Better yet, you can use the dual-screen functions to play a movie on the top half while you browse Twitter or message friends on the bottom half. You can grab this truly unique smartphone at Samsung for only $900, that’s $100 cheaper than the original price of $1,000.

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When does this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Black Friday deal end?

Getting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 for $100 off is a rare chance, so be sure people are grabbing the device off the market quite fast. So how long can you expect this Black Friday offer to be available? Samsung says the deal will last until December 5, but we recommend getting your hands on it earlier if possible. Often, hot-selling items like these run into stock issues or discount reductions unexpectedly, so you may miss out on a good deal if you wait for too long.

So our advice? If you’re a fan of the device, we recommend hitting the buy button now. It’s best to stay ahead of the competition and snag lucrative deals like these before they get taken down from the market. So go ahead and add to your cart now — your future self will thank you.

Should you shop this Galaxy Z Flip 3 Black Friday deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday tends to be a rerun of the best Black Friday deals but there’s never any guarantee which discounts will carry on through the weekend. Due to supply issues, things are tighter than ever so the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 could sell out by the time Cyber Monday rolls around. Buy now to avoid disappointment.

It’s worth remembering that you can always cancel your order if you happen to see it cheaper elsewhere. Even if it’s shipped to you, you can always return the item if need be. Just keep an eye on delivery times so that your cheaper deal doesn’t take longer to be shipped to you than is ideal.

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