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This $299 inflatable hot tub Cyber Monday deal is what you need to relax

It really doesn’t get any more relaxing and soothing than climbing into a warm tub, one that you scored as an inflatable hot tub Cyber Monday deal! That’s right, one of the best Cyber Monday deals now includes an inflatable hot tub complete with a heating pump, and it can be controlled from your smartphone! Pretty crazy, right? Walmart is offering a Cyber Monday deal on the SaluSpa Madrid AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub, big enough for two to four people at a time. The discount is good for $50 off, bringing the final price

down to $299 with free shipping

. Keep reading to learn more about the SaluSpa and the deal!

Today’s best inflatable hot tub Cyber Monday deal

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Why buy:

  • Easy to set up the two- to four-person hot tub
  • Includes spa pump and water filtration system
  • Control the temperature, timers, filter, and massage system from your smartphone (using an app)
  • Easy-to-reach digital control panel if you don’t want to use your phone

Typically, spas and hot tubs are heavy. Once you place them, that’s it, they have to stay where they are unless you empty all of the water. That’s not the case with this inflatable hot tub. Of course, you still have to empty the water when you’re ready to move it, but it’s super easy to set up and fill. Mirroring some of the features of a premium hot tub, this one even comes with a spa pump and heater, as well as a water filtration system to keep the water safe and clean. You can control that system using a smartphone app, adjusting water temperature, checking timers and filter status, and adjusting the massage system jets. It has a built-in digital control panel if you don’t want to use your phone, too.

The inflated dimensions are 71 inches by 26 inches, plenty of room for two to four adults to enjoy the warm water and jets! Speaking of jets, the built-in air jets release warm water into the spa and surround the occupants with a soothing, bubble massage. You can adjust those jets, choosing between two intensity levels. What’s more, the power-saving timer will control the temperature of your spa 40 days in advance — before you hop in to use it. The Freeze Shield automatic heating function protects the system during cold weather, heating the pump and liner to keep them from being damaged by frigid temps.

On top of the filtration system, the ChemConnect chemical dispenser releases the perfect amount of chlorine to keep the spa clean. The spa pump even has cup holders that you can use to place adult beverages! The total water capacity is 177 gallons, if you’re curious. Included with the spa are the pump, a chemical dispenser, a filter cartridge, a repair kit, and a cover!

Normally $349, you’re saving $50 with this Cyber Monday hot tub deal from Walmart. The SaluSpa Madrid AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub is yours for just $299 with free shipping. Definitely do not sleep on this one — it’s going to be gone real soon, especially as the cold weather approaches.

When does this inflatable hot tub Cyber Monday deal end?

We don’t know, and that’s a fact! But you can bet your top dollar that it will be over soon and sold out before that! According to an Adobe Analytics report, retail websites are seeing out-of-stock alerts at an increased amount, up to 124% since pre-pandemic. Retailers just can’t keep up with the rising demand and shortages, like the infamous microchip shortage. Don’t wait. Shop now. Get what you want as soon as possible. Keep an eye on those shipping times, too — they’re sure to see some delays the closer we get to the holidays!

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