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Walmart discounts the Hover-1 e-scooter and hoverboard ahead of Black Friday

Hoverboards and electric scooters are some of the latest trends for kids who love riding. They are perfect for outdoor recreation, whizzing around the mall, or strolling around town. Infused with elements of skateboarding, they create a fun and interesting experience for those who ride them.

The much-awaited Black Friday sales are a great time to save money on tech and toys – hoverboards and e-scooters included. You don’t have to wait a few more days to score deals, though. Walmart, as early as right now, has been dropping spectacular offers on Hover-1 products. Both the Hover-1 Pioneer and Hover-1 All-Star are discounted at the moment, with their prices slashed by up to 43% off their standard price tags.

Hover-1 Pioneer Folding Electric Scooter – $198 ($150 Off)

The use of e-scooters has a variety of benefits. Aside from being environmentally friendly (thanks to their minimal carbon footprint), they are also very easy to maintain and usually last a long time. For children who are fond of motors and electric gadgets, getting acquainted with electric scooters has its own set of perks as well. They’ll take interest in how things operate and in trying to figure out how to run their scooter. Most importantly, they get to enjoy a physical form of leisure other than the TV, computer, video game, tablet, and other forms of electronics.

The Hover-1 Pioneer is a solid option if you’re looking for an e-scooter for your child. It comes with a durable folding frame for ease of storage and portability as well as air-filled tires for a smooth riding experience. Powered by a 400W brushless motor and a 36V 4Ah battery, this electric scooter can travel for a maximum range of 12 miles and a maximum speed of 18 mph on a single charge. The disk brake operates electronically and mechanically to ensure safety when riding. You’ll also be able to view speed, battery life, and other vital scooter information through the LED display.

Let your child rock and ride his/her way around while having fun by getting the Hover-1 Pioneer. This folding electric scooter is available for only $198 right now, $150 below the usual $348. Order now on Walmart while the deal is live.

Hover-1 All-Star Hoverboard with Go-Kart Attachment – $148 ($50 Off)

Looking for something more versatile? This hoverboard and go-kart combo might capture your interest. If riding the hoverboard alone, simply step onto the non-slip foot pedals to activate the dual motors and control your movements. For a more enjoyable riding experience, you can hook up the hoverboard with the Go-Kart attachment. The Kart has a 4-inch front tire which goes perfectly with the 6.5-inch tires of the All-Star. It’s also easily maneuverable with the two arm controls, which allows you to move forward, backward, or spin. The frame length and straps are adjustable for security and comfort in riding.

The Hover-1 All-Star has a built-in rechargeable 14-cell battery with a maximum charge time of 5 hours. Coupled with two 200W motors, it can provide a maximum range of 6 miles and a maximum speed of 7 mph on a single full charge. It also has a maximum capacity of 220 pounds and a maximum hill incline of five degrees. What’s more, the hoverboard has an IPX4 water resistance rating which gives it protection against splashes of water.

With the Hover-1 All-Star Hoverboard and Go-Kart package, your kid can cruise around your home, the mall, the park, or your neighborhood comfortably and pleasurably. You can order this combo now on Walmart at a discounted price of $148.

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