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Holiday shopping? Protect yourself with this exclusive IdentityForce offer

Technology is better, cheaper, and more integrated with our daily lives than ever, and with increasing developments in the realms of consumer-available A.I. and smart home appliances, this trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. However, on the flip-side of this coin is the fact that as tech has gotten more sophisticated, so too have the tactics of hackers and identity thieves, and there are more attack avenues for cybercriminals than there were even 10 years ago. That’s why it’s vital to protect yourself with a service like IdentityForce, and you can sign up and save now with this exclusive offer just for our readers.

Identity theft is a serious threat in our digital age, and it’s one that can have devastating consequences. A hacker that gets hold of your personal information can wreak havoc on your credit and finances – something that can take years to set right – and unfortunately, there are numerous vulnerabilities that modern identity thieves exploit to achieve their nefarious aims. Shopping online for Black Friday or Cyber Monday this holiday season? Stay protected with Identity Force.

Even if your own devices and home network are locked down and secured, your data can still be leaked by or stolen from third parties (such as online stores and payment processors), but IdentityForce can both actively protect your information and stop theft attempts right in their tracks before they can cause damage.

Many traditional identity protection services simply monitor your social security number and financial accounts, but the IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit plan offers a more comprehensive protection suite. It features the UltraSecure package which keeps 24/7 tabs on your social security number (meaning that if anybody tries to use it, IdentityForce sees it immediately and will alert you right away), notifies you of any and all credit activity such as loan applications or credit pulls, and monitors all of your financial and social media accounts for anything out of the ordinary.

UltraSecure+Credit also provides up to one million dollars’ worth of identity theft insurance and recovery. In the unlikely event that a hacker is successful in stealing your identity and/or financial account information, IdentityForce will recover out-of-pocket expenses and lost income that resulted from the theft, and will do all of the heavy liftings in restoring your identity – saving you time and stress as well as money. The UltraSecure+Credit plan takes all of this even further, providing additional support when it comes to monitoring, repairing, and building your credit score, and it gives you online access to your complete credit reports from all three credit bureaus.

Right now, IdentityForce has a special offer just for our readers, letting you score a year’s worth of the UltraSecure+Credit protection plan for the same price as the UltraSecure membership alone. This gives you the UltraSecure+Credit package for just $180 per year, saving you $60 on of its normal price of $240/year. Your subscription also includes 24/7 customer service and support as well as a mobile ID protection app for Android and iOS mobile devices so you’re protected wherever you are.

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