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6 accessories you need for your shiny new iPhone 12

Apple announced it plans to unveil the much-anticipated iPhone 12 on October 13. While you wait with bated breath for the first pre-orders to go live, why not prepare for your new iPhone in advance? We’ve rounded up the six best accessories to pair with your iPhone 12 —  including everything from wireless chargers to sturdy smartphone cases — so when your are phone arrives at your doorstep, you’re fully prepared for it. Start shopping for these accessories now before they run out of stock!

Raptic Shield Iridescent Case — $30

This heavy-duty phone case comes with military-grade drop protection to absorb any impact of your iPhone falling off of your desk or bed multiple times a day. It has a machined aluminum frame on the outside and is lined with soft rubber on the inside to protect your new iPhone from any scratches or bumps. Though this case’s metal build might sound bulky, it’s actually extremely lightweight and can even support wireless charging. Buy the Raptic Iridescent Case for just $30 and choose from five bold colors to secure your new iPhone 12 for the future.

Raptic Duo Wireless Charger — $40

Say goodbye to pesky cables and upgrade to a wireless charger for your new iPhone. This sleek, durable charger is forged from machined aluminum alloy and boasts enamel backing for a modern touch that seamlessly blends into your living space. You also have two wireless charging pads available with this device so you can charge your iPhone and your AirPods at the same time. You’ll even receive up to 10W of charging capacity for your devices, allowing then to fuel up faster than most other wireless chargers. Buy the Raptic Vertical Duo Wireless Charger Today for just $40.

Raptic Titan 225 Power Station — $300

This portable, rechargeable power station carries up to 225W of charging capacity and is able to recharge multiple devices at once including your iPhone, laptop, tablet, and more. You also have a great port selection with everything from a USB-C port to the more common USB-A port. Feel free to also use this device indoors as well as outdoors to recharge all your devices to the max. You’ll barely hear your power station working with its quiet design. Shop the Raptic Titan 225 Power Station and simplify charging for all your favorite gadgets.

Anker Nano iPhone Charger — $20

Anker PowerPort III Nano Wall Charger

This fast-charging device offers up to 20W to recharge your iPhone three times faster than a regular USB charger. Since the new iPhone 12 doesn’t come with a wall charger, the Anker Nano makes the perfect replacement. You’ll also be able to use this charger for all your Apple devices including your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more, and still enjoy its speedy charging capabilities. This gadget is also smaller than a traditional iPhone charger making it a compact, portable device for all your charging needs. Buy the Anker Nano now for only $20.

AmazonBasics Braided Lightning Cable– $15

This 6-foot long lightning cable comes with the Apple MFi certified chip for easy syncing and compatibility with all your Apple devices. The braided nylon cable can also withstand cord resistance and is more durable than most other lightning cables. It can also bend in any direction making it easy to place your cable in any part of your room or home office. Since it’s 6-feet long, you’ll never be too far away from your new iPhone. Get this sturdy lightning cable now for only $15.

Apple AirPods Pro — $219, was $249

Upgrade your music listening experience with the AirPods Pro. These earbuds feature soft silicone tips and come with two new listening modes: Transparency and noise-cancellation. Block out your surroundings with noise-cancellation or connect to the city sounds with transparency. The immersive sound quality with Apple’s H1 chip and Adaptive EQ will leave your old earbuds in the dust. What’s more, you can even use Siri on your new AirPods Pro and have your voice assistant do everything from cueing up your favorite song to reciting your grocery list. Shop the AirPods Pro now for just $219.

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ESR Gear has all of the accouterments you need to level up your tech
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This content was produced in partnership with ESR Gear.
Most chargers and power-delivery devices, like wireless charging pads or stands, are functional yet simple. There are a few out there that do some pretty cool things, but when all is said and done they don't really change much about how we use our gear. That is not true of ESR Gear's products, which not only make tech easier to use but also help level up your devices in new and interesting ways. Now, you can't claim that without an example to back it up. So, we'll direct your attention to ESR's HaloLock™ 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with CryoBoost™. It's equipped with wireless fast-charging tech, called CryoBoost Fast Charging, which delivers magnetic charging for phones in use, and helps keep them cool under pressure. More specifically, you can charge your iPhone 12 and above, including iPhone 13, and iPhone 14, while still watching videos, and the charge is powerful enough that the battery doesn't drain while you use the phone, unlike most comparable chargers that don't put out enough energy. Instead, HaloLock charges your device at the same time.

The HaloLock also includes several additional features, like space to charge your AirPods and Apple Watch, easy place-and-go charging support, and an adjustable view for the holder -- allowing you to swap the phone between portrait or landscape orientations. It's sleep-friendly too, so the system turns off the status lights when you're trying to get some rest preventing frustrating distractions that might pull you out of your slumber. Of course, that's just one of ESR's offerings, of which there are many. There's a phone kickstand with a wireless power bank built-in, iPhone and iPad cases, a magnetic screen protector, and much more. To learn about some of ESR Gear's other products, keep reading, or check them out on the brand's website below.

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When will the Black Friday iPhone deals start in 2022?
Black Friday, which always happens after Thanksgiving, will fall on Nov. 25 this year. We're expecting retailers to offer their biggest discounts for iPhones on that day. However, you have the option of finishing your shopping early, because Black Friday iPhone deals will likely begin as soon as Nov. 21, which is the Monday of that week. The bargain prices will hit their peak on Black Friday, with leftovers available over the weekend through Cyber Monday. It's a good idea to buy a new iPhone as early as you can during Black Friday week, so that you won't fall victim to depleted stocks on the model that you're looking to purchase.

While waiting for retailers to roll out their Black Friday iPhone deals, you should check out our choice for the best iPhone to buy. With the arrival of the iPhone 14, its predecessor, the iPhone 13 and its variants, are expected to have their prices slashed for the shopping holiday. You might want to make use of this time to understand the smartphone's features, and maybe even take a look at older models if you want to enjoy even bigger savings.
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If you have an iPhone or iPad, you already know you can never have too many Lightning cables, and this Lightning cable Prime Day deal is one you shouldn’t sleep on. Since it is Apple MFi Certified, this cable is sure to work with almost every Apple product that is currently available. The fast charging speed makes this charger a must because everyone knows you can always use an extra charger for the car, office, or gym bag. Sure, it isn't one of the most exciting Prime Day Apple deals around, but it's nice discount on something every iPhone owner needs.

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