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LG portable air conditioners get steep price cuts at Walmart

With the end of Memorial Day comes the beginning of summer. Sun, fun, and tremendous waves of heat are on their way to impact our lives for better and for worse. If you’ve ever found yourself at the mercy of high temperatures, then you know how valuable a decent air conditioner can be. No matter how hot it gets outside, a portable AC unit from LG, Frigidaire, or Haier can help keep you cool.

We’ve already done what we could to gather the best air conditioner deals into one place, but if you’re looking for deals on LG units specifically, you can check out the models below. With discounts up to $90 on portable air conditioners at Walmart, now is a great time to grab one for cheap before the heat.

LG 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner– $209

Air conditioners are usually a really expensive purchase — especially if you’re trying to get your hands on a name-brand unit. However, Walmart is currently offering some really nice savings on factory reconditioned LG portable AC. This particular model comes packed with two fan speeds, a window installation kit, and a digital remote. With 8,000 BTU, it’s perfect for cooling smaller apartments, approximately 300-350 square feet.

Normally priced at $299, a $90 price cut drops the price down to just $209. It is a factory refurbished unit, but that just means it will work like new at a fraction of the cost.

LG 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner– $232

If you’re looking for something that can cool off a slightly larger area than the 8,000 BTU unit, this LG air conditioner is a solid option. It is another factory reconditioned model, which is is why the price is so low, but it comes with digital LED touch controls, a window installation kit, and a remote. With 10,000 BTU, this portable AC should be able to cool anywhere from 300 to 450 square feet of enclosed space.

Normally priced at $269, a $37 price cut drops it down to just $232 at Walmart right now.

Honeywell 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner– $470

Making the jump between 10,000 BTU and 12,000 BTU can help you cool a much larger space or a smaller space in less time. However, that jump does bump up the price fairly significantly. Honeywell products are notoriously affordable, but it’s still a decent chunk of change to spend on comfortable living. This particular model comes with a hose to pump out the hot air, a remote, and can cool up to 550 square feet of space.

Normally priced at $550 at Walmart, a nice $80 price cut drops it down to just $470. Honeywell also has some decent discounts on both larger and smaller units if this one doesn’t suit your fancy.

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